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  • 6-31-2006 - NOTICE: resets every two weeks.
  1. All registered must have a minimum content of 50 tabulature files.
  2. Banners must measure 400x55 pixels, and less than 35k. Banners of other dimensions than 400x55 will be scaled to fit.
  3. Dishonest generating of hits is strictly forbidded. Please note that multiple hits from the same IP address in the same day will not be counted. Any sort of robot, script, deceiving links or other dishonest practice is grounds for removal from the list.
  4. reserves the right to terminate accounts with no prior notice or reason.


  • Place link tracking code in as many prominent places as possible. The more people click on your banners, the higher your position in the Top 100 list. That means more traffic for you!
  • Use a few different banners for variety.
  • You can cut and paste the HTML code very quickly from the text boxes on the Get HTML Code page.