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  1. For each site registered with Top 100 Tab Sites, two important statistics are tracked: hits in and hits out. 'Hits in' are the number of unique visitors that you bring to the Top 100 Tab Sites list by getting visitors to click on banners placed on your site. 'Hits out' are the number of visitors that have reached your site by clicking on your listing displayed in the Top 100 List.
  2. The Top 100 List is sorted by hits in.
  3. Multiple hits from the same IP address in the same day are not counted. This means that all stats are measured in unique visitors per day.
  4. List statistics are reset Sunday at midnight. This gives a chance for new sites to compete. However, members can still see their total statistics by logging in to their account.
  5. Only the top 5 sites will have their banners displayed in their listings. You don't have to have a banner: if you leave the Banner Address field blank at signup, no banner will be displayed. You can change your banner by logging in to your account.
  6. Contact information, site address, title and banner address can all be changed by logging in to your account. Just fill out the update form and press the 'Submit' button. Changes are activated immediately.
Also, visit the rules page.